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Project Structure

Peter has two branches of development. One is Peter 1.0, which is the first/original version of Peter. The other is trunk, which is the second, fully re-written version of Peter.

For help on the 1.0 version of Peter, see the code project article here. The 1.0 version does not receive much love nowadays, so it is really there just for reference.

The trunk version is written from the ground-up in WPF trying to implement the MVVM pattern as best as possible. It contains two essential projects:

  • Peter – The core application
  • Peter.Common – A framework used for MVVM, drag and drop, and the Common Peter interfaces
  • PeterSetup - The wix setup project for the Peter Installation

As always, the best way to learn about the structure is to read through the documentation below and look through the source code.

Development Guidelines

Peter is a C# application attempting to implement the MVVM pattern as best as possible; as you code for the application, please keep this in mind. Please attempt to keep GUI separate from logic and data.

All development work for peter takes place in the dev branch ($/peter/dev). Once the development code is verified, it will be merged into the trunk branch.

Open the peter solution found in dev\src\Peter.sln. You will see all of the projects listed above (if not, this documentation is out dated, log an Issue!).


No documentation has been created for help when working with Peter. This will be created as the need arises.

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